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Bicycle Journey Tracker With Arduino and GPS Module

This is a bicycle journey recording device utilizing Arduino and a GPS module.

Im riding an electrical bicycle from time to time during weekends.

Several good bicycle riding routes which pass by the lakes and parks are located near to my house.

Therefore, bicycle riding become a favorite personal pastime recently.

For planning the next journey, checking previous riding history becomes very useful and important.

When GPS-based detail route information is available, a more customized and well-organized next bicycle riding journey plan can be made.

Usually, I had just passed by must to visit places such as good places to take a picture or nice restaurants where I can enjoy some special eateries.

When you store such sites information together with GPS route data, your next trip will be more satisfying by looking at the more good things to see and tasting other yummy new foods.

Thats why I made this useful gadget.”

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