Simple Mini Logger

A simple humidity, temperature, and pressure data logger.

Arduino Pro Mini 5V 16MHz

SD card module

RTC module with battery

RJ11 socket (optional)

BMP180 pressure sensor (preferably with a 5V input power option on a breakout board)

SHT31-D humidity sensor

24 X 4 LCD module with I2C interface

3 small push buttons

Lots of little wires

Soldering iron

and also a usb to serial adaptor to program the arduino.

Why I Made It
I wanted to be able to view live atmospheric information and also log it for looking at it in a graph whenever I want. Simply

I have not included a case in this project as I’m sure people will know what the best case for them selves is.

I started by soldering all the components onto a strip board like so I thought we be most efficient.”


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