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For Electronics Enthusiast like me, it is impossible to forget how great the 555 timer IC is. Thanks to its simplicity, versatility and its low price, millions of users from hobbyist to professional level have made so much projects out of it and the applications seem to be endless. So I rewarded the IC with a little effort by creating its much bigger version out of Illustration board as body and aluminum can as pins. This is also a good illustration that can be used by teachers in their lessons in electronics. This is a working IC as well.


1. 2 pcs 1/4-sized Illustration Board
2. 3 pcs aluminum cans
3. Hot melt glue sticks
4. Wires
5. NE555 Timer IC
6. Soldering Lead
7. Sand Paper


1. Pencil
2. Permanent Marker
3. Ruler
4. Glue Gun
5. Soldering Iron
6. Scissors
7. Cutter”

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