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A “Smart Mirror” is a two-way mirror with a display behind it that is typically used to display useful information like the time and date, the weather, your calendar, and all sorts of other things! People use them for all kinds of purposes. You’ll see them placed in the bathroom, in the kitchen, as a vanity, all over the place!
In this tutorial, we demystify the process of building a DIY Smart Mirror and walk you step-by-step how to make one using materials you can get online or at your local stores. Our goal is to show you that building a DIY Smart Mirror is not as hard as you might think, and to inspire you to try it!
We recommend watching the video above and following along with the written steps!

Parts & Materials:

18” x 24” Picture Frame
Acer 1080p Monitor
Raspberry Pi Kit
18” x 24” Two-Way Glass Mirror
(OPTIONAL) Acrylic Mirror
90deg. HDMI Adapter
1.25” Wood Screws
Wood Glue
Super Glue
Black Acrylic Paint
3/4” Plywood
Keyboard and Mouse (Any will do!)


Pocket Hole Jig
Tape Measure
Hot Glue Gun
Saw (For Ripping Plywood Strips and Cutting to Size)
(OPTIONAL) Impact Driver
(OPTIONAL) Clamps”

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