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When I was younger I had this really cool gadget called a TV b gone Pro and it’s basically a universal remote. You can use it to turn on or off any TV in the world and it was really fun to mess with people. My friends and I would go to restaurants where lots of people would be watching TV and use the remote to turn them off. The chaos of TV’s turning off suddenly was one of the funniest things to witness in person.

This one broke a long time ago and I always wanted to use another one so I challenged myself to make one that was smaller, better and stronger. Instead of using the weak IR LEDs like the original. I used a massive 10 watt IR LED chip which made the range much better. Unfortunately because of the pandemic I can’t get any shots of me turning off TVs in malls bars or anywhere else that you would normally see a tv, but in the video I have a demonstration in my house It really is a cool project to build and most people can’t believe when it works.

To build this you will need:
Arduino Nano”

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