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Artificial Intelligence (AI) based line Following robot is a robot that a sense of detecting the correct path for its route.

After developing the Arduino based Pick & Place Robot the idea was to develop an Artificial Intelligent AI-based line following robot. Developing a simple line following robot was good for the beginner just what it needed to add some sort of infrared sensors instead of servo motors in my recent project. “The idea was to test my skills at advanced level”.

Although it was a difficult task some sort of online research helped me a lot.

When comes to AI it’s the recent technology that has the potential to change the world environment thus effective human life.A dream that can come true by putting intelligence to our robots to understand real-life problems and solve it accordingly, that dream can be only come true through Artificial Intelligence that’s why everyone is talking about it.

It can be used in the assembly/production line.
Passenger pickup buses.
Although my prototype robot can be a bit of intelligence it’s just a beginning for me to move my projects toward AI. Thus here I will try to explain step by step development of line following robot using Artificial Intelligence in quite a simple language. Due to a lack of resources, I will not build a robot but I can explain very well that how can you build it by doing some sort of research.I will try to provide accurate codes that will work on your Arduino IDE, So that you can develop your first AI robot quite easily.”

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