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Running a 32x64 RGB LED Panel with only an Arduino Nano

Display any picture or text on a 32x64 LED panel with just an Arduino Nano!

The beginning
The actual first time I worked with such a panel was on the 36C3 in the end of 2019, when a friend of mine tried to get them running with an esp32. I wanted to also do some fun things with such a panel, so I got myself a 32x64 P.3 RGB LED panel.

January 22nd, I got this panel in the mail, and having no other controller on my hand back then I just wanted to get it working with the NANO. I’ve seen many libraries and projects with the UNO and a 16x32 panel, but everything this size was always run by a teensy or a pi. I looked for Libraries, but couldn’t find any.”

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