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LED Distance Indicator Dog Harness

I usually take my dog Rusio for a walk when the sun goes down so he can play without getting too hot. The problem is that when he’s off the leash sometimes he gets too excited and runs further than he should and with the low light and the other dogs it’s not easy to spot him right away.
To solve this I had the idea of making a dog harness that will glow red when he goes to far from me, as an added requirement I wanted to make it without using any microcontroller or programming to make it as accessible as posible for other makers.

cheapest pair of walkie talkies you can find
2x 555 ICs
1x 2n2222A transistor
2x TIP120 transistor
7x 1Kohm 1/4W resistor
1x 5.6Kohm 1/4W resistor
1x 6.5 ohm 1/4W resistor
2x 220ohm 1/2W resistor
1x 470nF 10V capacitor
1x 10nF 10V capacitor
3x general use diodes (I used 1n4004)
LEDs of your color preference”

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