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Over the years, I have built and use many communication methods for my robotic projects. No system is perfect, I have work with the EZ-link ( Bluetooth module), XBee, RobotShop PS2 controller, etc. However, my favorite so far is the nRF24 board with its breakout board, for voltage control due to its low cost and all the benefits that come with the board.
One of the biggest benefits of the nRF24 is that the board can act as a dual purposes device, where the nRF24 can turn an Arduino to be a transmitter and receiver. What this means is, an Arduino can receiving data and passing it on through a large network. This opens up the possibility of projects due to this is vast and incomprehensive capability is underrated.

Circuit Specialists located around my area, that provide cheap electronic components so I think I should take this opportunity to create a project that students can build and expand your future project to the wireless roam. I want to change the norm of expensive communication hardware, that is what this project is all about, low cost and easy access.

This project is built around a low-cost nRF24 board, a very popular communication board in the Maker Communities which comes with a well written Arduino library. We will build a wireless LED box to provide extra security and light around your property. The LED box can be power by a 9V battery or plug into an outlet for long period usage.


If you did not already build the Circuit Specialists Control Box then I have bad news for you, you are going to need it for this project. You can click here for the link on how to build a Circuit Specialists Control Box.
If you never work with the nRF24 before, don’t worry, you can click here for the article about the nRF24 on how to wire it to an Arduino and test code.
Arduino Uno
24 white LED
6 Buzzer
nRF24 radio module
nRF24 breakout board
Project Box”

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