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Mini Digital LUX Meter

What is a lux meter?A digital Lux Meter is a device to measure the intensity of a source of light. A lux meter will be used in photography to estimate how bright the flash is and also the encircling ambient lighting.
working principle of lux meter :Most of the lux meter consists of a body, photocell or light sensor, and display. The light that falls on to the photocell or sensor contains energy that is transformed into electric current. Indeed, the measure of current depends on the light that strokes the photocell or light sensor. Lux meters read the electrical current calculate the appropriate value, and show this value on its display.
As I m into photography and sometimes I need to measure the exposure of light but a lux meter costs around $30, so I made a lux meter with a BH1750 sensor which cost me around $10.”

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