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An Arcade1Up arcade cabinet modded with an LED marquee and additional smaller, sub-displays that show game information like game title, year, manufacturer, genre, and rating.
Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Cabinet Amazon or Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat at Walmart
Pixelcade LED Marquee Kit for Arcade1Up
Pixelcade Sub-Display Kit (Includes Seeeduino, 1 Mini-OLED, 1 Max7219 Dot Matrix, and 1 Max7219 7Segment all with soldered vertical headers)
Dell OptiPlex 9020 Small Form Factor Computer (Refurbished)
LED Buttons, Joysticks, 2 USB Encoders, & Cables
LCD Controller Board (Adds HDMI to Arcade1Up Monitor)
Ultimarc Spinner with USB
4 TB SATA Internal Hard Drive
IoT Relay Power Strip
Display Port to HDMI Cable
7 Port Powered USB Hub (a non-powered USB hub will not work)
LogiTech K400 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Wireless Network Card (Wi-Fi)
Finish Washers
Kintel MA170 12V Audio Amp
Double Sided Tape
Pixelcade Software - Free
LEDBlinky Software - $25
Misc Hardware (Various Sized M2 and M3 screws)
1 1/8” Drill Bit to Drill Arcade Button Holes”

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