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This digital clock speaks the time in two languages (English or Portuguese).

The Talking Clock 2 (Bilingual) is the new version of Talking Clock I have published some time ago.

The code was updated to support two languages (English/Portuguese) and new features were introduced into the code:

Mode 1: Set the time (hour & minute)
Mode 2: The clock talks every minute
Mode 3: The clock talks every hour
Mode 4: The clock speaks the time when a button is pressed
Mode 5: Set the language for English or Portuguese
Note: The language status is stored in Arduino - EEPROM to keep this information even when it is restarted or turned on.

It was introduced as optional a mini amplifier PAM8403 (3W + 3W) for better control of the sound level in the speaker. I am using only one speaker (one sound channel), but you can add another if you want.”

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