Two Wire (DMX) Interface With Screen and Buttons

DMX is a protocol used to control stage lighting fixtures and special effects. Each device has it’s own channel(s) which it responds to. This channel is user selectable by a DIP switch or a display with buttons.
There are multiple ways to select an address but the most commonly used ones are with a DIP switch or with a display with buttons. When using a DIP switch you need 9 input pins (8 for the address and one for the mode).
An option that looks a bit better and gives you more options is by using a 7 segment display and some buttons. This method uses 12 pins for the display, 4 for the buttons and you might want some status leds as well. This means you have almost no pins left when using an arduino Uno / mini or something similar.
To solve this problem I designed a module which uses a digital interface to control a 4 digit 7-segment display, 4 buttons and 3 status leds and only uses 2 digital pins and 2 pins for 5V and Ground. Besides you save pins this module is digital as well, this means you can tell it what to display and the module will remember. The module takes care of dimming the display as well.
Of course this module can be used for everything you want and is not limited to use with a DMX fixture!”


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