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Programmer for ESP-12 & ESP-03 Modules

This project allows the easy programming of the widely used ESP-12 module and its smaller brother the ESP-03 module.

The ESP-12 module is commonly found on WeMos D1 and NodeMCU boards to name a few. Boards like the WeMos provide extra functionality to the ESP-12 module such as a USB to serial converter, a 3.3V regulator and various LEDs to show what state the ESP-12 is in. If your build contains a limited amount of space, you can do away with these “extras” and place the ESP-12 or ESP-03 directly onto your build.

By using Pogo pins, these modules can be programmed without any need to solder pin headers etc.

Making the PCB
The Eagle files have been included should you wish to have your board commercially made or do as I did and make it yourself. I used the Toner method. If you choose to make you own board, you need to add some insulation between where the ESP-12 and ESP-03 boards sits and the PCB itself. Usually the solder mask will provide this although it can get scratched so even if your board has a solder mask, it might pay to add more insulation. I used a small piece of transparent label. Unfortunately my attempt to print on the label sort of got rubbed off.

Pogo pins used are P75-B1 1.02mm spear ends. Pogo pins are very fragile and will bend easily. When picking them up with tweasers, don’t press too hard or you will crimp them and they will no longer slide in and out easily anymore.”

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