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Wiring a LOLIN WEMOS D1 Mini Pro to an SSD1283A 130x130 Transflective LCD SPI Display

There’s no good info on hooking this up online, so, here’s how!

The SSD1283A LCD is an awesome little transflective display - it can be read easily in direct sunlight, and has a backlight too, so can be read in darkness as well.

The Wemos D1 Mini Pro is amazing - excellent wifi support, with easy step that make it OTA updatable - yes - you can update software and re-flash these things over wifi, without needing to connect it to your PC!

I am in the process of building my own Infrared Camera, which shows temperatures on the screen and uploads the data in real-time to the internet as well. But that is for a future instructable - for now - let’s get the screen going!

Check the photo to ensure your board and screen match mine (this sketch probably works fine on any D1 model, not just the Mini Pro).

LCD Screen;
WEMOS D1 Mini Pro;”

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