Arduino Energy Meter - V2.0

Hello friend, welcome back after a long break. Earlier I have posted an Instructables on Arduino Energy Meter which was mainly designed to monitor the power from the solar panel (DC Power) in my village. It became very popular on the internet, lots of people all over the world have built their own. So many students have made it for their college project by taking help from me. Still, now I am receiving emails and messages from people with questions regarding hardware and software modification for monitoring AC Power consumption.
So In this Instructables, I am going to show you how to make a simple wifi enabled AC Energy Meter by using Arduino/Wemos board. By using this Energy Meter, you can measure the power consumption of any home appliances. At the end of the project, I made a nice 3D printed enclosure for this project.
The goal of creating more awareness about energy consumption would be optimization and reduction in energy usage by the user. This would reduce their energy costs, as well as conserve energy.
Of course, a lot of commercial devices already exist for energy monitoring, but I wanted to build my own version which shall be simple and low cost.”


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