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In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a Wemos ( ESP8266 ) based Multifunction Energy Meter. This little Meter is a very useful device that monitors voltage, current, power, energy, and capacity. Apart from these it also monitors the ambient temperature which is important for solar photovoltaic application. This device is suitable for almost any DC device. This small meter can also be used for measuring the real capacity of the battery pack or power bank using a dummy load. The Meter can measure up to voltage range from 0 - 26V and a maximum current of 3.2A.
This project is a continuation of my earlier Energy meter project.
The following are the new features added to the earlier version
1. Monitor the parameters from the smartphone
2. Auto range of parameters
3. Monitoring the Electricity Bill
4. USB device tester
I got inspired by the following two projects
1. Power Monitor - DC Current and Voltage Sensor (INA219)
2. Make Your Own Power Meter/Logger
I would like to give special thanks to the above two project authors.
Supplies:Components Used:
1. Wemos D1 Mini Pro
2. INA219
3. 0.96” OLED Display
4. DS18B20 Temp Sensor
5. Lipo Battery
6. Screw Terminals
7. Female / Male Headers
8. Perforated Board
9. 24 AWG Wire
10. Slide Switch
11. USB Male Port
12. 11. USB Female Port
12. PCB Standoffs
13. Solar Panels

Tools & Instruments Used:
1. Soldering Iron
2. Wire Stripper
3. Multimeter”

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