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Wilderness Labs Meadow LoRa Field Gateway Client

A sample Wilderness Labs Meadow 433/868/915MHz client for my Windows 10 IoT Core RPi LoRa telemetry field gateways.

The design goal was to provide a simple demo application that illustrated how to use my LoRa library and an application that students could be use as a basis for projects which upload data to the cloud via one of my telemetry gateways.

This sample is a plug-and-play Wilderness Labs Meadow F7 client for my LoRa telemetry-focused field gateway projects for Adafruit.IO, Azure IoT Hubs/Central, and (MQTT for a growing number of other SaaS IoT platforms).

It would also be possible to modify the sample code and configuration for peer-to-peer/star communication with other *duino, Netduino, Maduino, Windows 10 IoT Core and Meadow devices.

This sample has been tested with AdaFruit 433MHz, and 900MHz featherwings.

The Wilderness Labs Meadow.Foundation Periperals Library supports a variety of sensors and actuators which could readily be integrated into a custom solution.

Ensure the case of your sensor identifiers is consistent with the IoT cloud service configuration especially for Azure IoT Central.

Once the Wilderness Labs developers have got WiFi Network support completed I’m going to try building a LoRa telemetry field gateway which runs on a Meadow F7 device.

In future iterations I’m planning to improve the power consumption management, implement basic OTA provisioning, sign the message payloads, encrypt the messages and support in field configuration.

Download the code, modify the configuration then build and deploy to you device(s).”

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