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This WiFi module makes it convenient for the user to switch between two audio sources without the need to swap and insert the audio cables.

Most of the audio devices used even today, widely adopt the 3.5 mm or the differential audio jacks for the transmitting the audio signals via a cable. Though this concept is changing in mobile devices by shifting towards wireless audio, but most of the bulkier audio devices such as the TV or a bookshelf speakers, still use the wired medium for transmitting audio.

These audio jacks are usually placed at the rear end of the devices which are difficult to reach once they’re set-up on a desk or a stand unit. So whenever the user wants to connect a new Audio Device like an iPod or a new set of speakers, the user always has to unplug and re-insert the respective cable for the device. This makes it very inconvenient for the user, especially when the cables have to be frequently swapped in and out.

So in this project I have designed a remote WiFi Controlled Audio Source Selector Switch (Wi-CASSS) which enables the user switch between two connected input/output audio devices over internet. Hence this removes the difficulty of swapping in the audio cables every time one connects a new device.”

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