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I recently learned how to code using an Arduino Uno, and I had this great idea for a helmet prop, with eyes that follow where the head is looking. So I dug around and found an accelerometer and a grid of color changing pixels, and started drawing up plans. what resulted was a sinister, yet goofy looking pyramid helmet. Here is how you make one for yourself!
- one (1) Arduino Uno and USB cord
- one (1) L3G4200 triple axis gyro (available at, or anywhere these types of modules can be sold)
- one (1) Adafruit 16x32 neopixel grid
- one (1) Adafruit Arduino shield for the 16x32 neopixel grid AND stackable connectors(sold separately)
- one (1) 9 volt battery or a small cellphone battery booster (check the MAH on your battery, the higher that number, the longer your battery will last)
- Soldering equipment (Soldering pen, sponge, and solder)
- two to three (2-3) Large sheets of black poster board (the cardboard-y kind. you are constructing the helmet out of the stuff, so pick something that feels sturdy)
- glue, Elmers is fine since we are using plaster board
- velcro strips
- x-acto or box cutter knife
- any and all appropriate resistors and wires for wiring an Arduino and a red LED (You can normally get these in a large bundle in a bunch of colors (I recommend to find these, you can normally get a good deal on shipping)
- guts and determination. (Do NOT skip this item, it makes finishing very hard)
- if you wanted to decorate it in any way, go ahead and get stickers or paint, go nuts!”

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