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You must be wondering why I’ve done this fancy and unusual project. The answer is pretty straightforward: I wanted to make “one of a kind” gift for my friend. Just something you can’t buy in a store , you know what I mean :).

The LED tree from the electronics side is almost 100% analog, you know capacitors transistors and other stuff like that. Because of that I think its safe to say that it is the most complicated blinking LED circuit in the whole world (probably the biggest overkill I’ve ever done 😀 ). But you know, certainly this tree wouldn’t be so fun to build if I’ve used a μC.

The whole tree consists of a 16 individual twisted copper wire branches with LED,s on its ends, each of these LED,s can be blown out separately. I’ve also added a nice fade in effect (LED,s turn on quite slowly after being blown out). But wait, there’s even more: I’ve implemented a simple game! If you blow out all LED,s before they light up again, the PCB’s will start glowing red indicating that you were fast enough :D. It’s not that simple to blow out them all at once as I thought it will be 😛 . If you want to try again, you can reset it with a button.

Anyway, down below in this short post I will show you how the whole thing was designed, how it looks and how it works”

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