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Wifi Hydroponics Meter

In this project, we will be making a wifi capable meter that measures pH, conductivity, and temperature using the Adafruit feather Huzzah Esp8266 module and sensors from Atlas Scientific. The data is uploaded to the ThingSpeak platform where monitoring and analysis can be performed. Additionally, the mobile application ThingView will be used to view sensor data.
Wifi Hydroponics Meter Kit
(The kit includes all the necessary components needed to build this meter. Some benefits of getting the kit: overall lower cost, no soldering required and the holes on the enclosure are pre-made. The option is also available to purchase the individual components which are listed below)

1 - Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266
1 - EZO pH circuit
1 - pH probe
1 - EZO conductivity circuit
1 - K1 conductivity probe
1 - EZO temperature circuit
1 - PT-1000 temp probe
1 - Non-isolated carrier board
2 - Isolated carrier boards
1 - Mini breadboard
1 - 158x90x60mm Enclosure
Calibration solutions: pH4, pH7, pH10, 12880µS and 80000µS
Jumper wires
Male Micro-B USB to male USB-A cable
5V 1A wall adapter (the wall adapter is used with the USB cable to power the meter remotely)
Left 90 degree angle micro USB male to micro USB female adapter.


With the wifi hydroponics meter kit, only a Phillips-head screwdriver and glue gun with glue stick are required for assembly.

Otherwise, the following tools are needed to build the meter: drill, drill bits, drywall cutter bits, files, Phillips-head screwdriver, benchtop vise/clamp, band saw, glue gun and glue stick, soldering iron and solder, digital caliper, ruler.”

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