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Minty Z80

Minty Z80 is a system with virtualized I/O and minimum component count in an Altoids Tin.

Retro Computing is one of my interests. Back in the day, I had a Z80 system running CP/M 80. The Z80 has enough resources (registers, instructions, etc) to make programming easy. CP/M 80 is a small, simple and easy to understand O/S. Drivers are simple BIOS routines. The combination was a system I enjoyed programming, even in assembly language. I want to re-create that system. It should runs CP/M 80 and uses a SD card for storage. The system console should be a terminal emulator on a PC desktop or laptop. The SD card should support a Windows file system to easily transfer files. The system should be small and easily transportable. It should fit in a pocket. The goal of this project is to create this system to fit in an Altoids Tin. The project will leverage the work of other designers who have created a virtualize Z80 system. My contribution is to fit the system into the Altoids Tin.”

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