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The high-performance, low-power Microchip 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 32KB ISP flash memory with read-while-write capabilities, 1KB EEPROM, 2KB SRAM, 54/69 general purpose I/O lines, 32 general purpose working registers, a JTAG interface for boundary-scan and on-chip debugging/programming, three flexible timer/counters with compare modes, internal and external interrupts,serial programmable USART, a universal serial interface (USI) with start condition detector, an 8-channel 10-bit A/D converter, programmable watchdog timer with internal oscillator, SPI serial port, and five software selectable power saving modes. The device operates between 1.8-5.5 volts. By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the device achieves throughputs approaching 1 MIPS per MHz, balancing power consumption and processing speed.

Bluetooth Matrix

“The project is a sample project about how matrix monitors works. The scroll speed can be set by a potentiometer. A Bluetooth module added to the project. So, you can send texts to your board with a smart phone. A …

Project  Minty Z80

Minty Z80

“Minty Z80 is a system with virtualized I/O and minimum component count in an Altoids Tin. Retro Computing is one of my interests. Back in the day, I had a Z80 system running CP/M 80. The Z80 has …

Improvising an EPROM programmer

“For a project (revitalizing a large 80’s liquid crystal display) I needed to program an EPROM. The EPROm should contain a character font that goes into the LCD so it can show characters. The EPROM required was a 2764 …

Wireless Crane Model (SMART BOT) With Spying Camera Over the Network(wifi or Hotspot)

“To make any project we go through some steps :- searching for ideas related to projects billing of materials required for the project experimentation on PCB and breadboard”

SIO2SD - Open Source

“SIO2SD is a device that allows you to load games/applications into 8-bit Atari computers via SIO interface from SD/MMC cards.”

AVR Development Board

“My instructable is about AVR board which I designed it by myself after doing some researches in google and watching some videos (specially Ben hack show) and decided to make this instractable. I know there is a lots of project …