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LED Space Helmet - 2019 Update

Here is a unique element for you to add to your astronaut costume, bring to Burning Man, or wear to the next dance party!
This Instructable is V2 of the original that was published in 2015.
(Check out V1 here:

Updates include:

New CAD files for the pivots, which can be downloaded direct from the Instructable!
New pivot hardware parts list
New collar design which has shoulder contours and an integrated holder for the LED controller, and can be downloaded from the Instructable
Simplified LED installation

This space helmet has a visor that opens and closes all the way so you can talk to other people or say brb, going into space. LEDs are arranged around the inside back of the helmet so it glows from the inside.
The visor pivots (which hold the visor to the helmet) are a set that I custom-designed and can be printed on most any 3D printer. My favorite filament to use is a UV-reactive color so they fluoresce when the LEDs are blue. In celebration of 50 years since NASA’s Apollo moon landing, I also offer a special edition NASA pivot. Check it out below!
The LEDs light up in 16 different colors. The set I bought includes a remote control to change LED color. It’s all powered with a 12V battery pack that lasts for hours and hours (more than 8h in my experience).
Ready? Here’s how to make your own glorious LED space helmet!”

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