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Simple Fastener: Practical Intro to 3D Modeling

Put simply this is a reusable fastener that can be used as a bread tie, chip bag tie, cable organizer, etc. This idea evolved from an earlier project where I created a minimal key fastener. The shape is a very simple slot shape with two small whole punched out where the rubber filament goes through.

In less than an hour of 3D modeling and printing, you will have yourself a simple practical 3D print! I will show two 3D modeling softwares (Fusion 360 and TinkerCAD), either of which can be used to create the fastener along with the assembly process.

When my school got a 3D printer I was tempted to print a bunch of stuff I found online, but found that 3D modeling something myself was a lot more satisfying. It’s hard to get started and new interfaces are always daunting. I put this tutorial together to get any person familiar with 3D modeling and making something useful.”

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