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A quick build for an Arduino Uno that uses a countdown timer to open a servo motor gate in order to use it as a lock.

So, Why Build This?
This invention is deigned to be a “lock box” with a timer. Once the timer has counted down to zero it sends a signal to rotate the servo motor 90 degrees to unlock the hatch on the box it is installed in. There are four push buttons, if you hold the first to the left, it will bring you into settings. Here you can use the second button from the left to toggle between hours, minutes, and seconds. Using the third and fourth buttons from the left as -/+ buttons respectively, you can add or subtract time from the timer. Once you have selected the amount of time you would like to set the lock for, you can click the button to the far left to bring you back to the start menu. From here, you can press the second button from the left to start your timer lock. Once you start the timer, the servo rotates 90 degrees to effectively “lock” whatever it is installed into. When the timer expires, the servo rotates back 90 degrees the other way and “unlocks” the box. The Potentiometer on the far left can also be used to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen.”

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