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Arduino Real time clock (RTC) DS3231 Module Tutorial

In this article we will learn what is RTC DS3231 Module is, how to use it with arduino.

RTC stands for Real Time Clock module as name suggest this module deals with time.

This module work as clock for arduino, but now question is why we need external clock when there is already inbuilt clock in Arduino.

So the inbuilt clock system of arduino is reset when we power off or reset the arduino so it will lost the track of time and starts from zero.

But in case of RTC DS3231 timer does not rest either we turn off its suppy or reset the arduino, because RTC DS3231 is powered with a coin battery CR2030

DS3231 RTC module is low cost highly accurate time clock, this modules works on I2C communication protocol

This module can count seconds, minutes, hours, day, month & year with compensation of leap year this module can works on 3.3 or 5V this make very easy to use with verity of platform. the battery can last upto 1 year.”

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