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Real-Time Clock Battery Monitoring System

In this article, you will learn how to implement a feature to monitor the real-time clock battery and prevent problems in the circuit.

On several systems that use time and date to perform certain tasks, it is critical to use real-time clock chips.

But one of the big problems is that it needs a battery to, keep the time and date count when the system is off.

On the computer, for example, we have a Real Time Clock and when the battery is low voltage, the time and date are displayed with wrong values.

So, to solve this problem in projects, we can monitor the battery voltage. Thus, when the battery is below a limit value, the system will generate an alarm in order to perform the exchange.

In this article, we will create a system to monitor the battery and generate an alarm for the user to change the battery.

Project Development
In this project, we will create a complete system of configuration and presentation of the date and time. Our goal is to present only the date and hour and, mainly, to focus on monitoring the battery of the real-time clock.

With this monitoring, we will display its voltage value while the date and time are displayed on the LCD.

Case the voltage value is less than 1.5V, the system will alert the user, to inform a voltage low level of the battery.”

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