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Weather-station With Arduino, BME280 & Display for Seeing the Trend Within the Last 1-2 Days

Here on instructables weather stations have already been introduced. They show the current air pressure, temperature and humidity. What they lacked so far was a presentation of the course within the last 1-2 days. This process would have the advantage that you can not only graphically read the current values but also at a glance, see how they have changed in the last 1-2 days. As a result, one recognizes, for example, a possible change in weather, as the air pressure changes greatly. However, one also recognizes general relationships between the measured quantities.
For example, the humidity decreases when the air temperature rises. This is because warm air can absorb more humidity than cold air. If the relative humidity is about 60% at 20 C, then at 25 C the air could absorb more humidity in absolute terms. Therefore, the relative humidity is no longer 60%, but for example, only 50% off.
Also you can see nicely what time of day the highest or lowest temperatures are to be expected. Or that the humidity rises sharply when it rains. Ideal for the hobby meteorologist.”

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