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Tweerstationneke A.k.a. Dutch WeatherStation

My dad is always interested in the latest news and the latest weather information. So that brought me to the perfect birthday gift when he became 76: A small alway-on weather station with no nonsense, it just sits quietly in a corner all day and gives a summary of the latest predictions.
It is designed around two Dutch websites. Probably you can see that on the funny local title of this topic! One gives the local forecast per city every 10 minutes in json format. The other one gives the rain forecast for the next two hours in plain text format which is always handy to know. I’m sure if you are not living in the Netherlands you can easily adapt this topic to any other service.
Supplies:An ESP8266 board; suggest to use a Wemos D1 miniA 1.8 inch TFT screen with 128*160 dots; 16 bit colorA few cablesThe program as is or to start with to create your ownA nice box to put it all together. Use a standard one or print your own with the design attached”

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