Simple Hard Drive Clock

Upcycle an old spinning disk hard drive into an analog clock.
These things are actually kinda cool looking on the inside.

You’ll need:

An old hard disk drive
A set of small screwdrivers with Torx / star heads (these are fairly cheap)
A DIY clock mechanism (there are a bunch of these)
If you can, try to get a variety of old hard disk drives as they vary quite drastically in how they are constructed and how easy / hard they are to disassemble and modify.

In order to have the least amount of hassle, you’ll ideally find one such as this, which is constructed and held together only by screws. Therefore, these models can be taken apart using only manual screwdrivers, without any use of power tools. Other Instructables rely on drilling or other more elaborate methods of taking the drive apart. Without the need for that, this project can be done quickly by anyone with minimal tools.”


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