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This portable LED cube light is made from solid epoxy resin and is powered by a battery, so it has a ton of uses — a mood light, a party light, a night light, etc. Basically, it is just fun and mesmerizing to watch :) As icing on the cake, it has a wireless charging receiver built in to it, making it 100% wireless. One of the primary motivations for this project was to try a wireless charging receiver in conjunction with a battery in an LED light. I’ve seen a lot of people add wireless charging transmitters to anything and everything, but haven’t seen wireless charging receivers used in many projects, so I wanted to try one out.
Make sure to check out the YouTube video at the top of this instructable, since often the video demonstration is helpful in understanding the instructions here.
Since it has the wireless charging receiver, you can charge it with any Qi wireless charger (like those used for Androids and iPhones), or make your own custom wireless charging base to really take it up a notch. All the electronics are off the shelf parts from Amazon, including the music reactive sp106e LED controller. This controller is pretty darn cool. It does solid colors, patterns, and even has a built in microphone for music syncing. Music controllers I’ve tried in the past have always been too blinky/flashy - like an out of control strobe light. As a result, I’ve often gone through the tedious Arduino programming to create my own music controllers. But, this one has much improved music reactive programming, smoothly blending in and out of patterns, instead of using binary on/off programming.”

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