Open DSO-150

An open source firmware for JYE Tech DSO-150 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Fully open source firmware for JYETECH DSO-150

Complete rewrite of DSO-150 Firmware
- No longer DSO-138 compatible (Sorry…)
- Rewritten for Atollic trueSTUDIO (Yea… Real debugging)
- Now using internal digital trigger through ADC IRQ (So trigger level can now be correlated to real voltage)
- Lots of new features like voltage overlay, markers, auto cal

- Support 1 Analog and up to 3 Digital Channels
- Trigger on rising/falling/both edges
- Trigger on Analog, Digital 1,2,3 Signal
- Single/Norm/Auto Trigger Mode
- Exact trigger voltage
- Serial Data Dump
- Automatic Zero-Level Cal for all gain-stages
- Voltmeter mode (Averaged over last 10 samples)
- Signal Statistics Display
- Cursors for Analog Signal
- Load/Store Waveform to/from Flash
- Zoom Out Display (See more data with full sampling Rate)
- “Persistence” Mode
- Variable Signal Size for Digital Signal Waveforms
- “loop” mode to scroll current input-values
- AC/DC mode
- 3K Sampling Depth
- Buttons not blocked during sampling”


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