Hi Makers,
We’re interested in a homemade mini lathe project for a while. If you want to do small jobs and make yourself happy, this mini lathe is for you.

Some of you will remember the CNC machine we have done before. You can check this link on instructable or above video. Watched 40 K times. We were very happy. Thanks for your all good words and wishes. We have received very nice feedback for the CNC machine that we have made from our valuable followers.

So we think what can we do like this project, maybe again you love it…

And now We are back with a new project. ” MINI LATHE MACHINE FOR WOODWORKING “

I think there is a workshop of his own, and I don’t think he has the envy of turning or milling machines.

In this series of videos, we will examine how to make a precision lathe for your workshop. If you want to make your own mini lathe, please do not forget to review our video. We will try to produce a lathe that can make the most precise wood work that can be done under the conditions of home workshop.

Of course, the workbench we will do is not for industrial purposes, but will be bench-top mini lathes. This outstanding mini lathe is ideal for use in labs, workshops, engineering and educational settings.

In this project, our 3d printer was our biggest helper. We have designed and produced some parts that we use in lathe. The parts are made quite robust. no doubt about this issue. we’ve added the required 3d printer files below to download them.

- High-precision, stability, low noise;

- Designed for the home DIY enthusiasts, small and portable, strong power;

- Transparent plexiglass shield,

- Large torque ball bearing motor.

The dimensions of the lathe we designed are:

Length: 50 cm

width: 15 cm

height: 12 cm”


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