I’ve had this idea for awhile that involves designing a tesseract in the physical world, at least some type of representation of it. One of the things that comes to mind are the very cool infinity mirror style designs and shapes. In order for those to work they need to be brighter on the inside than they are on the outside. Since I want this to be a small object, able to be held in the hand, I knew it would be difficult to use electronics. I decided to use tritium vials as the light source! This is kind of a first version, a prototype. Its difficult to put together because glue is required. Future versions should be easier. If you want to make this versions, follow along, watch the video. You can reuse tritium vials in future versions if you decide to make those as well.
Safety Notice: Please be aware of and in accordance with the Laws and Regulations of your current residing country with regards to the handling/owning/working with tritium objects. While these vials are safe in their intact form, tritium can be a dangerous element in certain situations, so please be aware and handle with care.”


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