Just a side project for fun (actually trying out other combinations with the spy mirror, in this case a combination of diffuse acrylic as kind of light guidance). Nothing new by itself, just a remix/thrown together of well-known technologies

2 circles of spy mirror acrlic hold sheets of normal acrylic in between, where the middle layer holds spaces for diffuse acrylic rods as clock pointer. A strip of WS2812b Leds is then wrapped around, everything covered with 3D-printed parts. In the socket a 3*AA battery holder is used for power supply, control is done with an Arduino Nano (clone) and a PCF8523 real time clock module.

Minutes and Hours should be at the moment distiguished by brightness (not really the best way), while both change color over time. Easier and better to distinguish would be of course two different (constant) colors for hours and minutes, but where is the art in useful displays ^^. (Could be easily changed in the code by just commenting out the colorIndex++ in the main loop…).

But honestly, it looks almost better in a non-clock, but just animations way.”


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