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Interfacing the shield with Arduino UNO board and fixing the touch detection and inversion problem.

Hello, in this tutorial I planned to test different functions of the TFT LCD shield but I encountered few problems and decided to show you some solutions first, so the usual tutorial about this shield will follow up later.

This is the shield I’m using it’s 2.4″ screen, it can work with Arduino Uno, Leonardo, Duemilanove, Mega… and has a slot for SD card you can use it to store BMP pictures and display them.

You just plug it on the top of the board :D. (don’t forget the insulation tape around the usb port so it doesn’t make contact with the screen board)

Libraries and codes:

So this is where the problems began for me, first you should check for the library that will work for you, to know if a library works or not, download it and open the “graphictest” example, it should show you the different colors and shapes just like in the tutorial video, if you have a white screen you may want to change the library.

This is the one that worked for me: Download here

Unfortunately I don’t own any other version of the shield to test with a different library.”

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