Information Station (Arduino)

Welcome to my latest instructable to build a self contained information station!
This awesome device uses an Arduino Uno with an ethernet shield to connect to the internet and pull down latest news and local weather and display it on an LCD display. This project is relitavely inexpensive and has many options for expansion and further work. You can just build the whole thing out on breadboard but if you want to use a nice clean housing there is some soldering required..
So lets get started with the list of components that you will need:
1 Arduino Uno 1 Ethernet Shield. (I use the hanran shield here) 1 4x20 LCD display like this one. mine has a blue backlight but there are various options 1 Push button (push to make) 1 Switch 1 22 Ohm resistor 1 47K Ohm resistor various wires headers (pins) a small piece of veroboard and solder 1 housing (optional) and nylon m3 bolts / nutsTools: (only really needed if you chose to put you project in a nice enclosure)
drill small file (and even better a dremmil) soldering ironUse safety glasses with the dremmil and drill. You will need a few hours and probably several cups of tea also.”


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