Most of our IOT devices are insecure and vulnerable. It’s high time to learn how to make them more secure, also because unsecured devices will no more be able to use valuable services without using the HTTPS protocol. Already now, Google services, for example, do no more accept unsecured connections. But is it complicated? Let’s find out!

Our ESP8266 and ESP32s support such secure connections. In this video, I will show you, how to change your unsecured sketches it in a few simple steps. And you will learn some basics about encryption and certificates. Which you can use during the next discussion with your boss or your colleagues.

We will cover:
1. How does SSL work? We just need the most basic knowledge
2. How can we access cloud services using HTTPS with our ESP8266 and ESP32?
3. How can we create trust?
4. How much memory is needed on our devices?”


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