It’s got 3-factor authentication including NFC fob, touchscreen PIN entry and one-time passcode sent via SMS - then the door unlocks!

In this DIY gadget build, we’ll be creating a secure door entry system using a Raspberry Pi.

You already may be familiar with two-factor authentication for logging into secure systems like your online banking or your Facebook or email accounts. This door entry system goes one step further and uses THREE factor authentication. To unlock the door, you require;

An RFID keyfob
A 6-digit PIN
A random one-time access code which is generated and sent as a text to your phone.
To build this project for yourself, you will need…
A Raspberry Pi. I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 with built in WiFi and a case which helps with protection and mounting in the wall
A USB RFID reader. This one simply plugs in via USB and acts like a keyboard inputting the code from the RFID fobs and cards
A touchscreen LCD for the Raspberry Pi.
A GPIO expansion board
A ribbon cable to attach the expansion board
A female to male ribbon cable for attaching the touchscreen
A 5V single channel relay switch
An electronic door strike
A computer power supply and power lead (to power both the Raspberry Pi and the Electronic Door Strike)
Some dupont cables for attaching the relay switch
You’ll also need a few tools, so make sure you’ve got all of the following before you get started:

A multimeter, for checking voltages
Various sizes of screwdrivers
Some wire strippers and wire cutters
A soldering iron
Some choc blocks, for connecting wires together
A glue gun
A cordless drill/screwdriver
A jigsaw”


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