An IOT air quality monitor based on the NRF52832 BLE SOC

Do you sometimes wonder how polluted the air inside your house is?

Our surroundings are constantly degrading, and there are innumerable disease that can be caused by living in unhealthy, impure and polluted surroundings. I know there are a number of devices in the market that will measure the concentration of harmful pollutants in your house. But, I decided to build one so, I get to choose the functionality I want. In this article, I will show you how to build your own air quality monitor, which will measure the concentration of standard pollutant particles(PM0.1, PM2.5, PM10) in your house, as well as the temperature and humidity. We will make it super convenient by sending the obtained data to Adafruit cloud server, so that, you can access it whenever and from where ever you want through the dashboard.

We are going to build an Air Quality monitor with temperature and humidity sensor using Electronut Lab’s nRF52382 based hackaBLE board. We will also be able to access current measured values of the monitor from anywhere via the internet on dashboard.

The Air quality monitor will measure and output the following values:

Particle concentration values of particle sizes.
0.1 um (PM0.1)
2.5 um (PM2.5)
10 um (PM10)
Ambient temperature in degree C.
Relative humidity in %.”


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