IOT123 - I2C Heartbeat Brick

The IOT123 BRICKS are DIY modular units that can be mashed up with other IOT123 BRICKS, to add functionality to a node or wearable. They are based on the inch square, double-sided protoboards with interconnected through holes.
A number of these BRICKS are expected to be on multiple nodes (Master MCUs - ESP8266 or ATTINY84) on a site. The MCU needs no prior knowledge of the sensors purpose or software needs. It scans for I2C nodes then requests a property dump (sensor data) from each slave. These BRICKs supply 5.0V, 3.3V and another AUX line which is customizable.
This I2C HEARTBEAT BRICK indicates whether the ATTINY slave is alive, also the I2C traffic, and has one property:
PB1 (white) indicates ATTINY health.
PB3 (yellow) toggles with I2C requests from the master.
PB4 (orange) toggles with I2C receiving from the master.
The through-holes adjacent to the ATTINY85 have been left unused, to enable a pogo pin programmer while the DIP8 is soldered to the PCB. A further abstraction, packaging the BRICKS in small cylinders that plug into a D1M WIFI BLOCK hub, pumping the values to a MQTT server, is being developed.”


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