Unlock doors in a building by rotating a simple magnet!

Locks protect our buildings. There are good locks, bad locks, but a quite common thing is that they usually have a keyhole that anyone can easily access. Robbers often exploit this when they break into your house. Picking a lock is an art among them. I want to help you with this issue by removing the keyhole from your door!

There are locks that solve this problem, but they usually have other security issues.

RFID-based locks have an obvious interface to access the locking mechanism: the card readers. Entering codes using numeric keypads might seem safe but there are numerous ways how robbers can break into buildings with these numeric keypads. Even your phone could be a wireless key, but if its battery dies or your phone breaks, you can’t even enter your own house, so you’ll still need at least a backup key.

Keyless locks usually lack the safety and/or they are quite expensive.

My idea
I wanted to create a simple, cheap and cool way to unlock doors in a building by using magnets!

The basic idea is to rotate a magnet in a sequence, while the ‘keyhole’ - my locking circuit - is behind your door. It means that there’s no external access to it. The sequence itself is your key so you can open any door of the building if you know the code. It is similar to how you open old school safes, but without an obvious locking mechanism.

The ‘keyhole’ can be anywhere on the back of your door without any obvious indicator from outside. If you want, you can even easily move it from another place without any issue. If it is confusing, here’s a video about how my magnet lock works during testing:”


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