Rotating Lithophane Box

This Rotating Lithophane box is a derivative of my previous box, with the added feature of rotation!
My wife liked the first version, but said that it would be much better if it rotated. Makes sense. I thought about incorporating a small stepper motor, or a servo motor to get the box to rotate, but since this is more of a static object that will be sitting around most of the time, it doesn’t need to be fancy, or overly complicated. A slow, nearly imperceptible rotation would be ideal, about one full rotation every hour or so. Hmm, what rotates once every hour? A minute hand!
I used a simple battery powered mechanism out of a cheap clock I had laying around. There are many of these clock mechanisms available on Amazon and other sources for a couple of bucks, and only requires one AA battery to operate.
This revision uses the same sized Lithophane panels (75mm x 100mm) in my previous design, but all other parts from the previous box had to be redesigned.
The LED lightstrip used is a newer variant, with the control module smaller than a stick of gum, much smaller than the bigger cube used in my previous lithophane box.”


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