Arduino Based 3X3 Led Cube

Hello and welcome to my first Instructable.
I present a simple, neat design for a beginners 3x3x3 LED cube. To make it easier to build, I provide details of acustom PCB, you can make yourself or buy, instructions and you can, like me, re-use the software from this great Arduino library LED cube and arduino lib.
One of the design aims was to only use through hole parts, they are easier for the beginner to solder and everything is readily available via the internet on your favourite auction/shopping sites.
The design can be powered from a USB cable or a 7.5-12V DC power adaptor.
The circuit uses a cut-down Arduino core design and you can program it in circuit using either a cheap In Circuit System Programmable (ICSP) programmer or a readily available USB to TTL adaptor. The only software you need is the venerable Arduino IDE.
This design is not revoloutionary it just builds on some previous work and I packaged it neatly. I hope you enjoy it.”


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