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A sleep quality meter that uses heartrate, breathing rate, and movement metrics to judge the quality of the user’s sleep.
The What and the Why

We created a system that monitors the quality of the sleep of its user. As busy engineers, we must make the most out of all the sleep that we can get. By creating various metrics to measure the quality of sleep, our project could be used to determine the factors that lead to an optimal sleep at an individual level. Maybe the key to a restful sleep for a given person is going to bed before a certain time, avoiding certain foods, at a certain temperature, etc. This project aims to provide a concrete metric for the quality of sleep.

The project consists of two main pieces: a base station and a glove. The glove contains a heartbeat sensor, a gyroscope and an accelerometer to measure movement, a conductive stretchy cord to measure breathing rate, and a wireless transciever to relay all of this information to the base station. The base station receives this data from the glove, analyzes it, and saves it so that the user can look back on the quality of their sleep.”

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