In this instructable I am going to describe how you can make an led edge lit glass mirror with a Snowman design, perfect for Christmas!
The sign is engraved on a glass mirror tile from Ikea. These come in packs of four and are quite cost effective.
I have used a Dremel 290 tool for the engraving but there are lots of other methods that can be used, e.g. cnc router, chemical etching or sandblasting. Another option is to use a Dremel drill or other rotary tool and an engraving bit. The main advantage of a Dremel engraver over a rotary tool is that it has a reciprocating action, in other words it vibrates rather than rotates, which makes engraving easier.
The sign is lit by a WS2812B programmable rgb led light strip. These can be purchased in various lengths with wires attached or in whole reels, which can then be cut to length at the marked positions.”


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