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Hello! I was recently introduced to the world of IoT (Internet of Things) as I came across the most popular device in this field, ESP8266. I was amazed by the end number of possibilities which were opened up by this tiny and cheap device. As I am currently new to this, I decided to make a project using it and learn along the way. So, I started searching the internet for projects and ideas.
I came across an amazing project called Arduino Cricket Score Ticker by W. A. Smith. In this project, Arduino along with Ethernet Shield and SD card is used to display live cricket scores from Cricbuzz. This project got me thinking.
I am from India and the first thing which comes to mind after hearing India is Cricket. Here, cricket is religion. It sometimes becomes difficult to sit in front of a TV to follow the entire match. So, why not make something which makes watching score easy, wireless and portable. A dedicated tiny device which shows sufficient information to keep you updated with just a glance at it.
Not a cricket fan? No problem! The code contains the XML parser which can be used to get data from any XML file. Just use the correct functions to get the data.”

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