DTMF Controlled Car. No Mobile Phones Required

Robots and Robo cars are essentially the new day toys for both tech enthusiasts and scientists round the globe. they find applications every where. Here in this tutorial i will explain you how to make a DTMF controlled Robotic Car using arduino and SIM800 module. There are 100 tutorials out there who help in making DTMF robots, what makes this different is that this one uses SIM800 module to do the decoding directly from call. ie you ca avoid the use of DTMF decoder and a mobile phone to provide input. all you have to do is connect modules, load the sketch and your car ready to run. this makes it less power hungry and standalone.
The Modules will auto accept the incoming call and do according to the key pressed by the caller. since all care done automatically, you can control this this really remote. So what are you waiting for, grab your kits and lets make it.
if you are a beginner in this area, pls follow the next few steps on how to assemble the car and all. if u are a bit used to arduino and robotics you will get all necessary data in this step itself.”


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